Our Curriculum, 2014/2015

our homeschool curriculum 2014/2015

I usually post our homeschool curriculum choices here every year. A disclaimer: by posting this list, I'm not necessarily making recommendations. We do what works for us as a family and the children individually. I'm not claiming to know what's right for your family. Reading through this list may … [Continue reading]

You Need To See This: Free Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Just a quick note this weekend. You've probably seen something about the Ultimate Healthy Living bundle - a huge library of healthy living ebooks valued at over $1,000 for just $29.97. Here's something new. You can earn a bundle FREE. Yep that's right. Here's how you do it. The UHL bundle is … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks

pregnancy update 19 weeks

Yesterday was a visit to the OB/GYN for yet another ultrasound. I was hoping for really, really good news. Which for me would be the word that I don't … [Continue reading]

My #1 Homeschooling Productivity Tip

#1 homeschooling productivity tip

Although the girls started last week, yesterday was our official back to school day. It went very well. We even got finished up early, at around … [Continue reading]

What a Difference a Year Makes: Homeschooling and Maturity


While our official back to school date is August 25, the girls decided to start this week. I'm particularly impressed by the change in Sadie, who will … [Continue reading]

Simplifying My Life (Before Baby)

simplifying my life

Keeping things simple is an ongoing quest for me. But especially avant bebe, I begin to ask myself how I can make my routine a little easier. It … [Continue reading]

My New Laundry System

Pile of dirty washing in bathroom

I have a confession to make. I actually¬†enjoy¬†doing laundry. I know that puts me in the minority among women, but it's true. (Now cleaning the … [Continue reading]

I Read Some Books, Y’all (Twitterature)

I totally forgot to keep track of the books I read last month, so there was no Twitterature post for July. Here's what I've been reading … [Continue reading]

Talking About Miscarriage

I found a post yesterday that I felt needed sharing, via DesignMom's blog. It's here: The Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About … [Continue reading]

Two Years Ago


Two years ago, this happened. Now, she enjoys painting au plein air. And insists on swinging in the big swing, all the while managing … [Continue reading]