Things enjoyed: November


A few things I enjoyed eating, doing, using and reading in November... This Braiser Cookbook by Wini Moranville. I have her Bonne Femme cookbook and love it too, but recently got my hands on this braising cookbook because ONE POT, people. Every recipe has me salivating. Last week I made the … [Continue reading]

Well yesterday was… interesting


Never a dull moment around here. Studies show that parents of more than 4 children are happier than parents with fewer kids. Researchers speculate it's because parents of large broods get accustomed to a level of chaos that would cripple other people. In other words, if I'm not in the ER, it's … [Continue reading]

Why I won’t feel bad about my house anymore


Every once in a while, I feel bad about my house. I have a lovely house. I am thankful for it. But it's not Pinterest-worthy. It's rarely even … [Continue reading]

Friday flâner


Seen elsewhere: an article I wrote called "5 Ways to Avoid Homeschooling Burnout" appeared at The Canadian Homeschooler. Someday I'll write a book … [Continue reading]


Do you follow me on Instagram? I decided to split up business and pleasure. I now have an Instagram for this blog. I'll update it more frequently … [Continue reading]

Recent frugal accomplishments


I bought a $10 Starbucks gift card for $5. I know that Starbucks isn't a frugal habit, but as I mentioned here, I am basically renting an office for … [Continue reading]

Why I Love BargainHunt: a *video*


Unbelievable, but I shot a video today to tell you why I love BargainHunt. If you've been reading here for any length of time, you know I strongly … [Continue reading]

Simple Bullet Journaling


I wrote my first post about bullet journaling back in February. I had been using my beloved BuJo for a few months at that point. So it's my first … [Continue reading]

Josiah update: 7 months/4 months


[Continue reading]

Friday flâner

flâner  verb to wander around, to stroll, to meander A few things I enjoyed this week from around the internet... Dumpster diving. All the … [Continue reading]