My Goals: 2015


It's 3 weeks since my premature baby's homecoming, and I'm finally getting a bit of sleep. Josiah has made huge progress this past week in adjusting to life at home and despite my current whopping case of mastitis, breastfeeding is getting easier. Things were very stressful for a couple of weeks, … [Continue reading]

Read Alouds 2015


There are far too many books on my shelves that my kids have never read. And there are far too many books on my shelves that I have never read to my kids. In harmony with my goal to read fewer books with more intention (more on the goals I'm working on this year in a later post), I am going to … [Continue reading]



"We need to talk about schedules", he said. Assuming he's referring to his upcoming workweek, I reply: "Ok. Shoot." Him: "We need to figure out … [Continue reading]


2015 Goals

I don't do resolutions, and there's nothing special to me about the start of a new year. When I want to set goals, I do it, no matter the date. But … [Continue reading]

Staying well (or not)


A couple of weeks ago I began feeling that tell-tale scratchy throat that usually signals an impending virus, so I started swallowing a half teaspoon … [Continue reading]

37 Weeks

a day in the life of a nicu mom

Today, I would have been 37 weeks pregnant. I've written at least two posts like this in the past, usually detailing third-trimester woes, to-do lists … [Continue reading]

Two steps forward, one step back


Everyone who writes about premature parenting says that the final days/weeks of the NICU journey are the hardest. It's easier to deal with your baby … [Continue reading]



When I woke up this morning I got a huge burst of energy and went around the house cleaning, decluttering and organizing. My 9 year old and I … [Continue reading]


I walked into the NICU a few days ago and saw that Josiah was no longer on CPAP, but had a tiny, thin nasal cannula giving him a bit of breathing … [Continue reading]

Over it


I hate this place. I hate how dark it is inside. I hate the beeps and blips and alarms. I hate the wires. I hate the plastic and the smell of … [Continue reading]