What I Know, What I Don’t Know: 2 Weeks Post-pPROM

2 weeks after pPROM

Sometimes, when it gets to be too much, I have to stop doing research. My head aches from reading from a screen too long, and I've learned far more about pPROM, premature babies and the NICU experience than I ever thought I would know. I now know what nasal cannulas, nitric oxide, CPAP, … [Continue reading]

Day 11


Today was not an easy one. I had an appointment with my OB/GYN, a one week follow-up visit after my hospital stay. I was excited for him to give me some good news, hoping that perhaps my amniotic fluid was maintaining. When I was admitted to hospital, my levels were 30-50% of ideal. I have had … [Continue reading]

One Week Post-pPROM: 22 Week Pregnancy Update

Today is a milestone, since I've now managed to stay pregnant one week after pPROM (preterm premature rupture of membranes). I'm feeling hopeful. It … [Continue reading]

21 Weeks, 4 days: pPROM


I was released from prison hospital for good behavior. I have bathroom privileges. Yea! The last few days have been a Twilight Zone, a blur of … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy Update Week 21: Hospital Version

week 21 pregnancy update

Well. This isn't exactly how I envisioned writing this pregnancy update: from my phone, inside a hospital. But then again this entire pregnancy has … [Continue reading]

I Feel You, Laura Ingalls Wilder

The last couple of weeks have been hard. We moved into our new place last weekend, and I LOVE IT, but y'all... I had forgotten how stressful moving … [Continue reading]

Our Curriculum, 2014/2015

our homeschool curriculum 2014/2015

I usually post our homeschool curriculum choices here every year. A disclaimer: by posting this list, I'm not necessarily making recommendations. We … [Continue reading]

You Need To See This: Free Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Just a quick note this weekend. You've probably seen something about the Ultimate Healthy Living bundle - a huge library of healthy living ebooks … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks

pregnancy update 19 weeks

Yesterday was a visit to the OB/GYN for yet another ultrasound. I was hoping for really, really good news. Which for me would be the word that I don't … [Continue reading]

My #1 Homeschooling Productivity Tip

#1 homeschooling productivity tip

Although the girls started last week, yesterday was our official back to school day. It went very well. We even got finished up early, at around … [Continue reading]