Mosaic: things I’ve learned about stepfamilies

Mosaic: Things I've learned about stepfamilies @

For years, I've wanted to create my own mosaic table. Plates, tea cups, mugs, glasses are constantly getting broken in a house with several kids, and the idea of creating something lovely and useful out of broken things really appeals to me. Last Monday my husband and I celebrated our 6th … [Continue reading]

Summer bucket list update

Well that was fast. Wasn't I just writing my Summer Bucket List post days ago? Apparently not. I didn't get most of the items done on my list, but we did have a lot of fun, and it isn't as if summer is actually over. Many of the things I listed can be done on the weekends. Here's an … [Continue reading]

Recent reads


I read a lot this past month. A lot. I didn't list all the books below. I think I'm trying to fit in All The Reading before our homeschool … [Continue reading]

Nap, interrupted


In view of my last post about my chronic sleep deprivation of the past year, some may ask, "Why doesn't she try to make up the lack of sleep with a … [Continue reading]

How I’m improving my mornings now

How I'm improving my mornings now

I've written about my love of good morning routines before. It was my early rising habit for the past several years that has made it possible for me … [Continue reading]

Our Homeschooling Schedule (and a lunch menu) 2015/16 | creating a homeschool schedule and easy lunch menu

I sat down today to create our daily and weekly homeschooling schedule. Since our homeschooling year begins September 1, it's time to begin the … [Continue reading]

A Monthly Back to School Menu

One of the habits that keeps me sane is menu planning. I've been thinking of ways to make our schedule a little easier once homeschool starts, and … [Continue reading]

Summer bucket list update decluttering version

decluttering my storage closets

One of the items on my summer bucket list was decluttering and reorganization of my storage closets. The house we're living in now has an insane … [Continue reading]

How to paint a 5 year old’s fingernails


People who know me well often tell me I need to write a book. (Note: if you didn't know, I have written several short ebooks, but they're talking … [Continue reading]

Curriculum buying frenzy: science

As I mentioned here in my post about creating a homeschool curriculum inventory, I can't relax and enjoy my summer until the homeschool plan is set … [Continue reading]