Pumping For Your Preemie

Pumping for your preemie in the NICU | CarrieWillard.com

I started off this series on breastfeeding a preemie by talking about why doing so is so beneficial. From reading preemie parenting message forums, books and blogs authored by moms of preemies, however, I've noticed that most moms aren't breastfeeding their preemies, or if they are, they're … [Continue reading]

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I made a goal this year to read "fewer books, with more intention". This means that I'm hand-picking titles that really meet a current need in my life. (I abandoned 3 books that I started because they didn't make the cut.) Here's what I read in January and February. I reread these two … [Continue reading]

This Sucks: breastfeeding a preemie, part 1


I promised I would start a series on breastfeeding a preemie. First, I'll share why I feel this is such an important topic. Nursing a preemie has … [Continue reading]

Goals Update: March 2015

My goals for 2015 | CarrieWillard.com

Wow. Unbelievable, and embarrassing to admit, that the last goals update I published here was back in June 2014. At first I couldn't remember why … [Continue reading]

Homeschool: What’s Working Now

homeschool morning notes

A couple of things that we're loving in our homeschool right now: Morning notes I can't take credit for this idea, as I read about it on Amongst … [Continue reading]

Reducing Decision Fatigue (or, how to be nicer to your kids on grocery shopping day)

reducing decision fatigue

Since reading the books Willpower and The Paradox of Choice (which I re-read last month), I've become interested in this fact: that too many choices … [Continue reading]

Pardon My Mess

I've had a recipe site for years. In the past couple of years it's been sadly neglected. I thought of selling it, but decided to move all the content … [Continue reading]

Josiah Update


I've been wanting to update on our little preemie for awhile now, but between nursing him constantly and/or holding him while he sleeps, it's tough to … [Continue reading]

Honest company versus ePantry


You guys know I hate to shop. I know, I must be missing a female chromosome somewhere, but it's true. The thing is, you need stuff sometimes. And when … [Continue reading]

What’s saving my life right now


Modern Mrs. Darcy recently posted about "what’s saving my life right now" during the second half of the long, dreary winter. In her words: "To … [Continue reading]