The same thing happens every summer…


For several years now, I've been taking a summer break from homeschooling. So, you'd think I would learn. The first couple of weeks, I let the kids enjoy some lazy downtime. They sleep late. They lay around on the couch reading, building with LEGO, watching movies. We go to the pool. They … [Continue reading]

What I spent, what I saved

Updating on the No-Spend Summer progress. What I spent the last couple of days: - $2 at the dollar store for nail polish remover. When you have 5 girls in a house, this is a necessity if you want peace. My fingernails are bare, but my girls are always painting theirs and their younger sisters' … [Continue reading]

My favorite books on radical frugality

radical frugality books

Since I'm doing a No Spend Summer, I've been reaching for some of my favorite books on radical frugality to inspire and motivate me. I believe that … [Continue reading]

No Spend Summer: Update #3

I promise, I will be writing about other topics this summer, so if you're bored of talking about frugality, feel free to skip. [Short backstory: We … [Continue reading]

No Spend Summer: What I’ve Already Done


As I wrote here, I'm embarking on a No Spend Summer. I promised to share the strategies I'm using to avoid spending, and when it's necessary, to spend … [Continue reading]

The No-Spend Summer: It’s ON


I am embarking on a No Spend Summer. If there's one thing I've learned about frugality, it's this: it is far, FAR easier to curb one's spending if one … [Continue reading]

Five Frugal Things

1 - I said “no” to fast food requests this week from kids. Although, I did cave and spent $5 on popsicles at the pool from the ice cream truck. … [Continue reading]

5 Frugal Things (and food waste fail)

1 - Took advantage of a Starbucks coffee deal (Target offered a $5 gift certificate if you spent $20), and I used two coupons, total around $4 a … [Continue reading]

18 Things I’ve Learned In 18 Years of Parenting


This post has been sitting in my Drafts for a year. I had to change the name and the link to "18 things I've learned in 18 years of parenting". I'm … [Continue reading]

How I Lost 20 Pounds Eating 6 Times a Day


How I Lost Weight Eating 6 Times a Day (spoiler: TrimHealthyMama) This morning, I got up at 5:30 and tried to get ready to get out to work as quietly … [Continue reading]