Friday flâner


Good Friday! I hope you enjoyed your first day of autumn yesterday (I've never understood why we don't capitalize the seasons. Oh well.). It's still hitting 90 here during the day so I haven't needed my cardigans much yet. A few things I enjoyed from around the internet this week: I LOVE … [Continue reading]

From Crunchy to Soggy (plus giveaway)

frugality and environmentalism

As I review the nearly 2,000 posts published on this blog in the last several years, a few things have struck me. I've changed through the years. One of the changes I've noticed? I was a pretty crunchy mama. Now, I'm a bit... soggy. I did things like make my own skin and hair care products, live … [Continue reading]

Read Aloud Roundup

read aloud roundup

Read aloud roundup is where I share great books I've read with my kids lately. Here are a few we enjoyed last week.   This is Not My … [Continue reading]

Friday flâner

Friday flâner

Flâner is a French word and concept that I love, and that we don't have nearly enough of in our fast-paced lives (assuming, of course, that you, dear … [Continue reading]

5 frugal things

A tent made from stuff in the house. Entertained the kids for 3 days. Cost: zero. Imagination: priceless

When I went to Aldi to get groceries Sunday, they had a shopping cart full of kid's stuff for 50% off. I got several packs of socks, undies and a cute … [Continue reading]

Unsung Benefits of Frugality

unsung benefits of frugality

My No-Spend Summer is officially over. We're well over half way to our savings goal. For a number of reasons, we've decided to stay put for another … [Continue reading]

5 frugal things

1 - Today I went to the local kid's consignment shop to get Josiah a few shirts. I had a pieces to sell to them as well. We arrived before the … [Continue reading]

Mothering up

In the last couple of weeks I've been going through archives on this here blog. My intention is to dust off all that old content to make it better, … [Continue reading]

Buying Back to School Clothes? Check out this sale!

My No-Spend Summer ended with a whimper, mostly because my kids have this annoying habit of growing. Don't they know about my fiscal freeze? The 13 … [Continue reading]

First Day Back to School

first day of homeschool

This year I staggered the re-entry into homeschool.  A couple of weeks ago, the 4 and 6 year olds started school. Yesterday, the 13 and 15 year … [Continue reading]