Week 7

Yesterday, I prayed for the sun to come out. Literally.

Today, it did.

The rain and grey was getting to me. When it lifted, I didn’t even know it had stopped. I just knew that suddenly I felt better, as if an elephant had removed itself from my chest.

Today I went outside with a blanket wrapped around me and sat on a plastic rhinoceros in my driveway. I turned it to face the sun, closed my eyes, and sat. Trying to reset myself.

Like a lizard.

I’m happy about this pregnancy, but I was hoping for it to happen a few months from now, so that I wouldn’t be going through the first trimester fog in the worst part of the year (for me).

One thing I’m thankful for: that the horrible, crippling nausea and vomiting I suffered with my other pregnancies is not with me this time. I have just enough nausea so that I’m not worried about my hormones being strong (that, and it took .005 seconds for the double pink line to show up on the test on the 28th day of my last cycle).

Nap. Sleep. Nap. Sleep.

Sing songs about Mr. Sun to Ruby. (An incantation?)

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  1. Well this is what I get when I don’t read your blog but once a week! I’m so happy for you guys! Anyway, you know I suffer from this seasonal blues too. But I’m hoping for more sunny weather. Gloomy weather is not good at all. Did you ever buy one of those lights?

  2. YES. I bought one yesterday! I read the book Winter Blues by Dr Rosenthal who is supposed to be the #1 expert on the subject, and did some googling. I came up with this one, which was on sale and cheaper than the others: http://www.verilux.com/light-therapy-lamps/happylight-6000

    Can’t wait to get my “happy light” 🙂

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