We Should Be More Like Toddlers

We should be more like toddlers. We would all be a lot healthier and happier if we were. I observe my 18 month old and realize that everything you need to know about relationships and emotional and physical health you can learn from them.

I offer:

We Should Be More Like Toddlers

we should be more like toddlers

Sit in laps often.

When you’re angry at someone, go ahead and let them know immediately. Yell at them once. Then forget it 30 seconds later.

Squat. Climb. Run. Roll around on the floor. Keep moving, until it’s time to nap. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Movement is life, baby.

Get happy and excited about things like: your water cup. A puppy. Spotting the moon. Going outside. A favorite book.

Say little. But say it so cute that everyone stops what they’re doing to listen.

Ask for what you want. Eventually, someone will appear and help you get it.

When you do something good, applaud yourself. Don’t wait for others to notice.

Eat a few bites. Then run around a lot. Repeat.

If you want love, ask someone to rock you.

More about why I love toddlers.


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  1. My favorite, clapping for ourselves…LOL!! So true!

  2. i love it!

  3. I love my 18 month old. He is just thrilled to sit in my laugh, put random things on his head and just laugh when he is not being terrorized by his older brothers and sisters.

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