This Is Not a Blog Post

This is not a blog post.

Right now I don’t have time to blog.

Because I spend all my time doing this:

“That’s ok, I’ll just spend the next several months hanging out on your hip Mom. Carry on…” -
Love, Queen V

I used to write early in the mornings.

But now I have a tiny person who wakes up the instant I do, no matter what time that is.

And even if I do manage to accomplish this:

I still don’t have time to sit down and write. (I know the baby is on her belly. Don’t judge me. She rolls over that way on her own.)

Because in those few moments I usually run around the house like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, hands flapping at my sides, muttering “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”  and trying to throw some dinner on or clean up the house a bit.

Or helping the girls with this:

And even though they are made to clean their room every day before they get computer time, it still looks like this at some point every day.

This is not a blog post.

Because I can’t seem to string two sentences together intelligently at the moment.

Also, I seem to have lost my mojo.

I’ve even considered selling off all my websites, because I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

If I were to write a blog post, it might be about this attachment parenting backlash I keep reading about online. That’s really getting on my nerves. Or maybe it would be a review of some of the cool products that have come my way in recent months. Or perhaps I would discuss that weird limbo that is your life when you have a newborn. Where you don’t want things to change and you don’t want the baby to grow up, but desperately need her to. Or perhaps something else, like a review of the Giver quartet, which we recently finished reading aloud.

Or something.

If only I had the time.

About Carrie

Happy wife, homeschooling mom of many, autodidact, best-selling Amazon author, blogger, head chef and barefoot walker. Residing just outside Atlanta, usually found reading a book while sipping a hot beverage.


  1. I’m so sorry to inform you, Carrie, but it is definitely a blog post, LOL! And BTW you did fine stringing your sentences together. ;)

    And let me tell you that I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have wanted to throw my entire blog empire out the window several times. I have recently struggled in a HUGE way with what I want to be when I grow up (I’m 42, started when I was around 40 – I’ve heard it’s normal). Part of it had to do with DS’ stage of life, part of it was just me. Struggling.

    But please, do not do anything rash. Once your DD gets a little older, you will find more time and energy to blog. If by that time, you have found something else you want to do more, so be it, but I encourage you to wait it out.

  2. I know! I won’t do anything drastic during this period. And I’ve had these types of feelings before, I recognize them. It’s funny how postpartum changes and hormones can throw you for a loop even if you don’t experience depression per se. :)

  3. Elizabeth Ashe says:

    I’m so glad you made a post, I was starting to worry about you. To the point I was going to pick up a phone and call you. It’s okay though your doing the right thing, the baby comes first. My second child never left my chest, he always wanted to be next to me, to the point where I almost felt imprisoned.

    Don’t we luv them so.

    P.S that’s one thing I’m experiencing now with homeschooling, I’m constantly picking up things. My laundry, wow I gotta find a way to get it under control..,,,,,maybe I’ll place an ad. Lol!

  4. Lila Huggins says:

    Dear Carrie,
    I hope when you “grow up” you’ll be the same awesome person you are now!

    Miss Lila in Atlanta

  5. Shelly Toliver says:


    I just wanted to say thinks for the post about Jim Gaffigan, and don’t you dare sell your websites. I’ve been reading/listening to this blog for 7 years now,so you can’t–well,I don’t want you to sell this website….you’re just a breath of fresh air,the hometown girl and very informative. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!

    aka atlmom5

  6. I feel your pain!!! I’m starting to wonder if it’s because I’m so much older than I was when I had my others. I can’t seem to bounce back this time! It’s so depressing. You’re right, it does feel like you’re in limbo.
    I want to homeschool my oldest when he gets to middle school but I have to convince my hubby. He’s against homeschooling but I’ve been trying to change his mind for years. He’s seen some bad examples. I keep telling him if it’s done right it can be great. Is there a good homeschool group we can join? I need lots of great stuff to show hubby!!

  7. I was wondering where you’ve been. I figured you were on vacation. I’ll call you Friday to see if we can get the kids together while they’re out of school.