The Dreaded Dentist

I hate taking my kids to the Dentist. I’ve talked about my travails before. I hate taking my kids for their cleanings because I dislike the scornful, judge-y attitude of the personnel. They act like I’m some backwoods hick who doesn’t believe in toothbrushing just because I reject fluoride and medically unnecessary X-rays.

But I’ve done my research. Though the pages and interviews are now gone, I’ve spoken with a few Doctors and Dentists about the fluoride issue on my now-defunct podcast. I’ve read books on the topic of naturally healing teeth, and I’ve seen research that points to no benefit of filling kid’s cavities. One of my few regrets as a mom was allowing my toddler son to undergo oral surgery to correct his tooth decay.


I know, Dentists don’t use stethoscopes. It’s the judge-y look I was shooting for with this stock photo.

Here’s the thing. Sadie had 5 cavities the last time she had an exam and cleaning, and now she has 3.

I’m no mathematician, but it sure sounds like her cavities are healing. 

When those cavities were found, the pressure was on for me to get them filled, which I didn’t want to do. I spoke to the Dentist about taking a “watch and wait” attitude to see if the teeth could re-mineralize. She agreed that it was possible for teeth to do that, but still wanted to go ahead with the procedure… honestly, how could any medical practitioner NOT have a conflict of interest when they have rent to pay, a full staff to support, and 6 figure student loan debt?

Since that last exam, I found out about her food allergies and made dramatic changes to her diet. Incidentally, I recently uncovered research that points to a connection between food allergies and tooth decay. Which makes perfect sense if you ask me. I asked the Dentist if she was aware of this research and she admitted that yes, there is a connection – but that these cavities would still need to be filled. In baby teeth.


The Dentist stressed me out so badly that instead of taking the kids 4 at a time, I now schedule them singly.

What’s your experience with taking your kids to the Dentist? Love it/hate it?


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  1. I don’t mind, but I also just let them do the fillings. I haven’t done the research you have done. I grew up with bad teeth, having an abscess tooth by 7 years old. Caps, fillings and spacers were my youth. I’m still paying for the bad teeth into my adulthood with 2 crowns and another one that needs to happen (at $600 a pop, it’s ridiculous). We didn’t have insurance after I turned 10 and we didn’t go often to get our teeth done, but I remember hating it. The dentist would tear into my mouth and of course, I had a giant fever blister and it would start bleeding. Ugh. Hated it. I love my kids’ current dentist. My concern is not so much tooth decay with them as I am with the no-room-for-permanent-teeth. The Atlanta dentist we went to for Haylei originally was outrageously expensive for her to have the mouth work done, so I’m looking at a local orthodontic in Newnan to see if he will be able to put in an expander to help her mouth.

  2. Ugh. I understand. The thing that’s so frustrating for me is that I’ve never had a cavity. Well, technically, I did have the beginnings of a tiny one, but I started taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil and drinking my raw milk and it went away! So I don’t get why my kids have had such trouble. I always had pleasant memories of the dentist… as a child. As a parent it’s a nightmare.

    I understand about Dr. Johnson. It cost me $4,000 to get Julien’s A.L.F., every penny out of pocket. Ouch.

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