What the what?

The title of this post refers to doing Elimination Communication (E.C.) part time. For the win.

I put Victoria on her little potty this morning and this is what happened.


She does this from 4-6 times a day, depending on how often I sit her on the potty.

She’s almost 10 months old.

No, don’t adjust your screens. Yes, that’s a poop in her potty.

Victoria isn’t special. I mean, she’s special to me, of course, but she’s not unique. Any baby would do the same. My other babies did this too at this age. Babies can understand far more than we give them credit for. They can understand that there are places where we put waste, and they can understand words and cues too.

I read a post on Katy Bowman‘s blog lately on the topic of babies, diapers, walking and development. It turns out that wearing diapers isn’t so hotra for our gait or alignment. With a big fat diaper on, baby walks like a cowboy with jock itch. With a hitch in their giddyup. Naked, they walk… normally. Naturally. Because Vic goes in her potty several times a day, she enjoys quite a bit of diaperlessness.

Now, I’m not about to give up diapers entirely. Just like I’m not about to give up central air in this humid Georgia heat. Technology isn’t “bad”, it just is.

And I enjoy thinking about how technologies have changed our habits and therefore, our bodies. (Which is why Katy’s blog totally turns me on, geek-wise.)

I do E.C. part time. I don’t stress about it. It’s not about winning and losing and being more crunchy than another mom. It’s just about communicating in a very gentle way to my baby.

p.s. Tomorrow I’ll tell you why I got rid of my stroller and why I never use my sling anymore. Stay tuned.

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