Pregnancy and Healing Gum Disease Naturally

Arriving home from the Dentist, my husband kept laughing at me as I attempted to talk to him. Not sure if I was drooling or spraying, or my lips just weren’t matching well with the words I was speaking, or what. My gums, throat and mouth were all numbed up with anesthetic.

I went in to have an ordinary cleaning, but ended up having a full debridement due to moderate periodontitis (gum disease). I was sent out the door with a treatment plan that’s going to cost $960.


Since I recently dropped $4,000.00 to the Orthodontist for my 12 year old son’s ALF (blog post on this topic forthcoming), and my Dad had gum surgery when I was a kid (something I definitely want to avoid!) I’m chagrined about this. So of course, I’m on a mission to heal this naturally.

I believe that several pregnancies in a row have done a number on my gum health. According to this article on WedMd on pregnancy gingivitis, this is extremely common. Part of the culprit is increased progesterone and other hormonal changes, but for me a lot of the fault lies with an overly sensitive gag reflex and morning sickness that makes it nearly impossible to brush and floss well while pregnant. I have a small mouth and putting my hands in the back to floss molars is difficult anytime. When I’m expecting, brushing and flossing back there triggers gagging and sometimes, vomiting. I’m no slouch when it comes to brushing. I’m fastidious about brushing well and for 5 minutes each time, but flossing has always been difficult.

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After the initial exam, the hygienist found “pockets” around my gums of 4-5 millimeters. These pockets house bacteria that, if left untreated, will eat away at the tooth. Not good.

“The bacteria colonize along and under the gum line and eat (yes eat) living tissue, including gum tissue, bone and ligament that anchor the teeth in the jaws.  ” –

Scary, right?

This means that if I don’t deal with this, it will only get worse and lead to my teeth shifting around, becoming loose, and maybe even losing them. I’ve always had healthy teeth and going to the Dentist has always been a positive experience for me. I don’t want that to change!

Where could I find out about healing gum disease naturally? I got on the OraWellness website immediately and started reading their articles on bleeding gums (my gums bleed every day when I floss, not matter how regular I am about it – a definite warning sign!). What I learned was even scarier:

“Not only do the disease causing bacteria eat away at the gum and bone that hold the teeth in the mouth, these bad bugs also swim their way into the bloodstream and access the whole body!” –

Hmm. Could this be why I’ve been feeling so tired lately, why I’ve been biting my mouth accidentally when I eat more often, and why I can’t stop chewing the inside of my cheeks?

Periodontal disease also increases your risk of other medical conditions. It’s not something to play around with.

After reading the testimonials on the site, I immediately ordered the OraWellness HealThyMouth system. I have already used and loved the OraWellness tooth oil, but stopped using it out of mere convenience. My kids prefer EarthPaste, and I buy it several tubes at a time from Amazon. But for me, the OraWellness blend is better because of its antibacterial properties.

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My mouth felt so good after brushing with it, and it anesthetizes my mouth a bit so that flossing isn’t so painful. I love that I can put a drop of it in my fingers and rub it on floss, so that the oil is really getting into my gums where it can do the most good.

Another thing I’m going to do is oil pulling. I’ve only done it a handful of times, not enough to notice any real difference other than it seemed to whiten my teeth a shade, which is nice! This article mentions some pretty impressive research about the benefits of oil pulling so I plan on making it a part of my oral hygiene routine from now on.

I’m going back to the Dentist in three months so he can assess my progress. I’ll update then. Hopefully I will have made remarkable improvement and won’t need the treatment protocol.

Have you experienced pregnancy gingivitis or other gum disease symptoms? What did you do about it?

p.s. I’m a proud affiliate of OraWellness, but I was a pleased customer before I joined their affiliate program.



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