One Pot Meals – Where Have You Been All My Life?

About a year ago I interviewed the author of Glorious One Pot Meals, Elizabeth Yarnell. But I never did cook any of the recipes. Now I’m kicking myself and asking, where has this cookbook BEEN all my life?!

I had a good reason for not trying the recipes. My excuse? They all require a cast iron enameled Dutch oven, and I didn’t own one. But when I was at IKEA recently, I picked up a 5 quart Dutch oven for the low price of $59. You can get one from Amazon for even less.

one pot meals cookbook

I LOVE this cooking method and I LOVE this pot. I’ve been cooking the most delicious healthy dishes in the last few days and it’s just as easy as using a slow cooker but has some unique benefits.

Why I Love One Pot Meals

For one, the veggies stay intact and retain their color and integrity. I don’t like smushy, grey veggies and a slow cooker often produces that. Every night that I’ve made a One Pot Meal, I’ve gotten rave reviews.

Secondly, I can assemble dinner in the Dutch oven in the morning (just as you can with a slow cooker) and refrigerate it. Then, put it in the oven 45 minutes before dinner. The flavors intermingle and blend together in such a lovely way. The food is so aromatic and best of all, there is just ONE pot to clean!

And I love that the meat, whole grain, and veggies are all cook together at one time. It makes it so EASY and fast to cook healthfully.

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Once you get the ratios and layering aspect down, you can experiment with your own favorite recipes. My one caveat with this cookbook is that the recipes have little fat. I find myself adding pats of butter or coconut oil (because fat is very good!) to the top of the food, but that is a very small issue that is easily remedied.

You have to look at this cookbook. Here is a Glorious One Pot Meals cookbook review that one of our reviewers wrote. Or, just go buy One Pot Meals from Amazon. You will love it!

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