Menu 7/1/13: Bebe Gourmet

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I’m getting excited about cooking again. Sometimes, for some reason or another (such as having a new baby), cooking feels like a chore instead of a joy. But now things are getting easier as baby is crawling/walking and exploring my pots and pans. Cooking has become fun again. Plus, I love hitting the farmer’s markets around here and planning meals based on what’s available. I wish I could move to France so I could shop at the market every single day!

One of the things I do to simplify meal planning is to get all my recipes for the week from one cookbook. (I only have 4!) That way, I can just grab one cookbook, sit down with paper and pen and create all my meals from that one resource. It also forces me to look through and actually try most of the recipes from my cookbooks instead of just having them look pretty on the shelf.

This week, all the dinner recipes come from Bébé Gourmet: 100 French-Inspired Baby Food Recipes For Raising an Adventurous Eater

This cookbook focuses on recipes for baby’s first year, with an emphasis on creating a non-picky, adventurous eater. The first few chapters focus on purees with one ingredient. But later on when baby is older, she can eat combinations of foods. And the last chapter has a lot of yummy recipes that are appropriate for the entire family. To adapt for baby, you just take a bit of the meat and veggies or fruits out before you load on the spices. Or not… mild curries and spices are great for babies. Last weekend Victoria ate smoked salmon and a vinegary shrimp salad and loved it. Don’t be afraid to feed your baby weird food!

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Monday: Cheese Tortellini with Ricotta and Green Vegetables, Sliced Fresh Peaches

Tuesday: Leftover Boston Butt BBQ (Sunday I made this recipe from WellnessMama, and had a ton of BBQ leftover), Baked Beans, Cole Slaw

Wednesday: Shrimp and Vegetable Paella with Mussels (I was so excited to find mussels at ALDI today. Next week ALDI is stocking grass fed beef. I plan on stocking up!) Speaking of ALDI, have you seen my ebook? Go here to learn how to eat a whole foods diet while saving money at ALDI.

Thursday: Prosciutto Wrapped Turkey Cutlets with Risi y Bisi (Italian style rice with peas and parmesan)

Friday: Chicken Tagine with Raisins, Kale, Sweet Potatoes

Saturday: Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon – double batch

Sunday: Leftovers from Saturday

Lunches will be Brown Rice Pasta with Ham and Peas (also from Bebe Gourmet), Potato Leek Soup, Pioneer Woman’s Spinach and Artichoke Dip with homemade corn tortillas, and any leftovers.

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