Introducing Read-Aloud Roundup (a weekly link-up)

As a way of helping myself keep track of the books I’m reading aloud to my children, and to encourage others to share what they’re reading, I decided to create a weekly link-up here.

It’s called Read-Aloud Roundup. The premise is simple. Just make a list of the books you read to your kids in the previous week. Write a quick review if you wish, or share whether your kids (and you) enjoyed the book. I will be posting this every Sunday. And I hope you’ll join me!

Feel free to grab either of the graphics on this page when you write your blog post. And then add your link to the widget below. Leave a comment too please.

I love getting great new read-aloud titles from other parents, and I’m sure you do too, so I hope lots of people participate. Thanks for helping me spread the word. :-)

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Last week I read aloud:

The Courage of Sarah Noble - based on a true story but with lots of creative license, this was a charming book about an 8 year-old girl who is left behind with a Native American family while her father travels to get the rest of her family. One of my favorite things about the book was how Sarah’s attitude towards the Indians changed – she’s initially a bit arrogant. It opened up a great conversation about how elitist it is to think of others as inferior just because they speak a different language or have unfamiliar ways.

Pierre – this is one of my favorite Maurice Sendak books. If you’ve ever had a child struck with a bad case of the Blahs, pick this one up.

Tikki Tikki Tembo –  as a child I listened to an audio book of this story over and over. If you or your brother ever fall into a well, be thankful if you have a short name.

Those weren’t all the books I read, just some of the highlights.

Now it’s your turn!

(Have you read my 31 Days of Read-Aloud series?)

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  1. I love tiki, tiki, tembo. We did a play on it in school when I was younger and I can still recite his name from my memory to this day. Lol!