How To Have Naturally Shiny Hair

There are all kinds of products that crowd drugstore shelves claiming to make your hair shiny. Many of them rely on silicones.

While they’re probably not terribly harmful for your hair,  silicone has to go through a lot of chemical processing for use in hair care products which leaves a big eco footprint. Some people also notice build up if they use products containing silicones frequently. They also tend to be expensive.

If you’re looking for a way to have naturally shiny hair, here are a few ideas:

Honey. Honey

Honey not only smells wonderful,  it’s also a powerful humectant (meaning is draws moisture from the air), so it’s a nice moisturizer for your skin and hair.

It will leave your hair shiny and silky. Add a few drops of honey to your hair after washing, allow to soak in, and rinse away.
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Apple Cider Vinegar.

Vinegar is fantastic for putting shine into the hair. Simply pour a little ACV onto your hair after shampooing and rinse away with cool water.


Coffee is also great for shine, especially for brunettes obviously. Add half a cup of cooled strong coffee to your hair after shampooing and rinse away with cold water.

Olive oil.

If your hair is very dry olive oil can really help it. It will nourish the dry hair and also leave it shiny and silky. Add a few drops of warm olive oil to towel dried hair and leave in for 20 minutes to an hour. Then rinse with cold water.

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Coconut Oil.

This is one of my favorite hair care tips. I rub a little coconut oil into my damp hair after shampooing and comb it through with a wide tooth comb. My extra dry, curly hair has never been shinier!

Less Shampooing.

Shampooing a little less frequently (you may be able to get away with once a week if your scalp isn’t greasy) can lead to shinier hair. Rinsing your scalp thoroughly every day (such as when you exercise or get sweaty) is usually adequate.

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