How To Be a Great Mom

When I was ten years old, I figured I had this whole parenting thing all figured out. I even sat down and wrote a list. You know, so I wouldn’t forget all the wisdom!

My mom apparently found my list and stuck it in my baby book. I retrieved it many years later and still chuckle.

What do you think?

Was I wise beyond my years?

a perfect day
How To Be A Great Mom

by Carrie Huggins, Age 10

1) Do not tease them about things they don’t want to be teased about.

2) Don’t bug them.

3) Don’t tell them to do something 20 times.

4) Do try to think up small, fun projects for them to do with or for you.

5) When your little girl is 8 and up, order magazines (like Stickers!, Young Miss, Teen) for her,
and order catalogs too. Do try to be “in”, and if she likes dressing up wild, let her and help her.

6) Allowance Guide:

Age 5-       .75  a week
Age 6-     1.00
Age 7-    2.10
Age 8 –   3.50
Age 10 –  10.00
Age 12-  13.90
Age 14-  15.00
Age 16-  50.00
Age 18-  85.00
Age 20-  150.00

7) Teach them every thing you know.

8) Act like a kid.

9) Go on shopping sprees with them & their friends.

10) Do teach them about your religion.

11) Join sticker clubs together, & have a sticker club of their own.

12) Use the word “dibs” & tell them what it means.

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13) Be neat.

14) Be cool.

15) Be punk.

16) If they have a bunch of homework, do some.

17) Don’t have “all work day” and “all play day”, do both on every day.

Well there you have it folks. A window into the mind of your ten year old child.

You can thank me later.

P.S. Can you tell I was an 80’s kid?

And dude, I wish I was 20. Check out the allowance I would be earning!

About Carrie

Happy wife, homeschooling mom of many, autodidact, best-selling Amazon author, blogger, head chef and barefoot walker. Residing just outside Atlanta, usually found reading a book while sipping a hot beverage.


  1. Hey I too am a child of the 80s. Didn’t know we were that close in age?? Want to reveal your birth year??

  2. From your MOM or should I say “GREAT MOM”

    Hey, I must have been good. I think I did all those things!!

    Great post Carrie.
    Miss you.
    Dibs on the kids when I get home and then we’ll have a half work day and a half play day.

  3. Shannon Lelli says:

    I love that and I’m wondering if I could post it on my website with a link to your site? Let me know, Merry Christmas

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