First Word Problems

(Not to be confused with first world problems.)

Victoria said her first word yesterday. And of course it’s….

… DaDa.

That’s all right baby.

I was only the one who carried you for 69 weeks of years, and who experienced the precipitous labor and all. I’m the one who has had to lose 40 pounds to get back into her size 6’s and whose biceps scream at her at the end of the day. And who has nursed you all night long every night since. And I’m the one who has been whispering “mama” in your ear for two months.

But I’m not bitter.

Or anything.

Why do so many babies say DaDa first?

She’s also saying something that sounds like “hungry”. I sat down to feed her yesterday, telling hubby “she’s hungry”.


And there’s ba-ba, and bwa-bwa (brother?). And mum-mum.

And hubby swears she said “Vika” the other day, which is one of the incarnations of Victoria. She’ll probably be 3 before she can say that.

Of course, she is still a budding genius despite her choice of first words. Do you know what she’s doing in these pictures?

She’s trying to make that toy spin. She’s seen her big brother do it, so she throws it and puts a little twist on it. Sometimes she succeeds!

Accompanying "BwaBwa" on Guitar

She’s the light of our lives.

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  1. LOL!!!!! I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

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