Creating a Homeschool Binder

In my first 52 Bites book review, I briefly mentioned that I created a Homeschool Binder.

creating a homeschool binder
There it sits on our homeschool bookshelf, next to Story of the World.

Previously I kept homeschool paperwork in separate places. The kid’s books and workbooks are in the same place on a shelf in the living room – our “school” room.

Things like answer keys, homeschool attendance reports, copies of our local homeschool law, cool ideas and articles I’d clipped from magazines and the like were filed in my small portable file box.

That sounds ok.

Trouble is, I rarely looked at that file so a lot of the neat stuff in there was lost in oblivion.

I picked up a nice looking 3 ring binder at Barnes and Noble on the clearance table. (Don’t you love the clearance table at B&N? I also picked up two Wordly Wise workbooks at half price. Nice!)

It took me all of 5 minutes to place the following inside the homeschool binder:

  • answer keys
  • worksheets
  • lists of sight words for the upcoming reader
  • Spanish vocabulary lists
  • fun projects and ideas
  • and other odds and ends that were floating in different places

Now it’s all in ONE spot. I grab the binder when I need it and put it back at the end of the school day.

Um, Why did I not do this earlier?

How do you organize your miscellaneous homeschool papers? Do you use a binder or some other system?

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  1. Great idea. We end up schooling all over the house I should try this.

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