Closet Decluttering

This month, SimpleMom is hosting Project Simplify.

Project Simplify encourages readers to declutter one area of their homes each week.

Since this aligns nicely with my Happiness Project resolution of decluttering 15 minutes a day (which I’ve been doing dutifully, so far I’ve gathered 4 bags to donate to Goodwill and more for the consignment shop), I thought I would join the fun.

(Hat tip to Candi.)

Area For Week One is: Declutter Your Wardrobe and Closet

Here is my :before: picture.

Not terribly bad actually.

Still, it could be better.

I would love to actually be able to USE that top shelf for clothing. Instead of the random detritus that sits up there. I set at timer for 15 minutes, strapped the baby on and got to work.

I moved the stuff on the top shelf down and put those items in proper places. (Fabric scraps were moved to a container in the basement, a friend’s camera case was relocated and I texted her to remind her to remind me to get it next time I see her, LOL.)

I swept the floor really quickly and then got to work on the actual clothing.

I removed that cute pink sweater that I bought but just didn’t like the way it fit me (too revealing). I removed a black top and a skirt that felt a little baggy since losing more weight. I put the bookbags up on the shelf so I could actually use the coat hook for its purpose (hanging a coat!). I tossed a couple pairs of shoes that hurt my feet (why do we keep stuff that doesn’t work?!).

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There is a bag sitting by my door that is going to the consignment shop tomorrow morning.

Then, just so I had something to make me smile when I opened that door, I hung a picture. A girly, flirty print that I didn’t feel comfortable putting anywhere else.
Here’s my :after: shot:

The pink baskets on top hold clothing that will fit me in another month or two.

There is :space: in there instead of the clothes and shoes being jammed together.

And every single item is stuff I *actually* wear on a weekly basis.

(Later on I opened up that umbrella and found it was broken, so I tossed it. I never ever used it anyway!)

Are you joining Project Simplify?

Share your project in the comments below.

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  1. Ooo, hanging a picture inside the door, that is a great idea. Nice Job on the closet!! 🙂

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