Celiac Awareness Day Giveaway

September 13 is National Celiac Awareness Day

Because I have suffered from chronic tummy trouble my whole life, I went to the Doctor and got a Celiac test. Nowadays it’s a simple blood test.

Thankfully, it was negative.

A blood test I had done years ago showed a sensitivity to wheat, so I should still avoid it.

But since my 5 year old has wheat allergy, I’m going to have her tested for Celiac. So far she seems to do ok with oats and rye, and she’s healthy. But I need to know.

I’m glad that awareness of this disease has raised. Even though going gluten free may be a trend for some, for others it’s a serious, even life threatening concern. Apparently it affects about 1 in 100 people. Especially if your ancestors came from Ireland… which is true for so many of us.

To learn more about Celiac disease, go to Celiac.org

Yesterday I posted a giveaway of Cooking Light’s Gluten Free Cookbook. Check it out!

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