Cast Weg

Today Ruby got her “cast weg” removed.

“See?’ It’s just like Daddy’s shop vac.

toddler fracture cast removed

It’s really too bad because her injury was quite the conversation opener for her. Everyone she encountered had to hear the story of how she got her “cast weg”.

nasty cast toddler fracture

Of course the rest of the family members were all very much ready for this development, due to various injuries she had inflicted on us thanks to said cast weg. (Flying cast weg to the face, cast weg jumping on your toes, sideways cast weg kick to the junk, etc. That junk hurts.)

Here she is looking just a mite concerned about the proceedings.

She had worn that cast straight through to the soft sock underneath. See?

Not to mention, the thing was beginning to SMELL….

Despite my best efforts to carefully clean her toes and the leg above the cast and to keep the whole shebang dry, things had gotten really funky.

Okay that is just scary.

What is that, moldy sweat?


toddler fracture after cast removal

I had to scrub her leg and foot off in the sink with soap and a washcloth, and it still smelled funky.

The Docs were nonplussed, of course. They see this all the time.

What’s interesting to me is that after having two boys, people told me all the time that I would be in and out of the E.R. constantly with broken bones and the like, but it’s been three of my girls who had the toddler fracture, broken arm and dislocated elbow that required casts.

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  1. I had bunion surgery the Monday before Thanksgiving (a wk after you wrote this post), so I am in a surgical shoe until after the holidays. Empathizing w/your DD. 😉

  2. Of my eight children we have had 5 breaks. 4 were my sweet little girls! I am new to your blog and loving it!

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