Carrie’s Little Liver Pills

I’ve often heard my mom say that “He/She has more _________ than Carter has Little Liver Pills“.


The phrase simply means “a whole lot of something“.

Intrigued, I learned that Carter sold his little pills, which were nothing more than laxatives, to an unsuspecting public in the late 19th century. They didn’t contain liver, nor did they do much for the liver (although pooping regularly probably is a sign of good liver function, taking laxatives probably does nothing to help the liver). The F.T.C. made him drop the word “liver” from the title.

I’ve talked before about how I eat liver occasionally. But probably, not often enough. Every once in a while I feel the need for a bit of liver, and there’s nothing on the menu that I can sneak liver into. I’ll be honest. Even though I grew up eating liver (thanks Mom!), as an adult I have trouble dealing with the taste.

Sure, I could buy dessicated liver in capsules. But they’re quite expensive, and how many capsules would you have to take to get a real serving?

Liver is a very concentrated source of nutrition. <—- Must click. If you don’t believe me, read the chart!

So I make my own little liver pills. 

Here’s how.

First, I obtain an organic liver from a grass-fed cow. I buy mine from this farmer. Then I freeze it for a couple of weeks (just in case – this would kill any parasites).

My liver has freezer burn. Don’t judge.

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20131213_091819 (1)

Then, when I feel the need for it (which sometimes is daily), I take out the frozen liver and cut off a few pieces.

20131213_091944 (1)

Then, I mince the chunks. (This is a close-up, these pieces are tiny.)

20131213_092050 (1)

I get a beverage handy. Preferably something like raw milk.

Then I put the itty bitty pieces in a spoon (see, it looked like a lot but it’s not that much).

how to make liver pills from raw frozen liver


Then I chunk it back and swallow.

I’m good at taking capsules so I don’t even taste the liver this way. But if you’re not good at it, try to put the liver on the back of your tongue, and take it with juice (especially if you’re pregnant, you probably need the boost from the iron and Vitamin C).

Et voila!

Why do I do this?

Because it gives me lots of energy. I gots more energy than Carter’s got liver pills.

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