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I asked a few of the bloggers who joined me in my 30 Posts, 30 Days Challenge to share their results. Here are some of the results they experienced:

More Traffic:
“I had just started my blog when we started this challenge, so I had less than 5 unique visitors per day at the beginning of the 30 days. Now I have about 25 unique visitors per day. I realize this is still small traffic for a blog, but it’s a huge improvement, so I’m thrilled.”

More Publicity:
“Thanks to the 30-day challenge, my blog is full of fresh content. And as a result, I was interviewed by a reporter … who found me – through my blog! Since my blog was pretty new when Carrie issued the 30 day challenge, I’m not sure if the reporter would have found me if I had not participated in Carrie’s challenge.”

Better Ranking:
“Thanks Carrie for daring me to do 30 posts in 30 days on my blog. The results have been amazing. My technorati ranking has gone from 130,000 to 67,000. I am Totally thrilled. So thanks for the little push to do my daily blogging. I am up to 500 unique visitors a week now on my blog.”

Personally, I’ve found that my traffic has doubled in the past month and I’m getting more comments from you, my readers. 🙂

Care to share your results?

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  1. I also joined Carrie’s 30 day challenge when my blog was new. Forcing myself to write every day helped give me the confidence I needed to start contacting companies to offer my freelance writing services. I’ve gotten four new jobs so far and hopefully the momentum will continue. Thanks Carrie.