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Came across this interesting article about women of color and attachment parenting.

“…in this conversation about ancient child-care practices that women of color still practice today in every part of the world, our voice has been co-opted and whitewashed by all-white speakers, as have our voices throughout most of Western feminism.”


“Because for mothers like me, mothers who are not white or Western or even American, but who are from other countries—or our parents are from other countries, and we are the first generation of Americans—we never opted in to the the male medical model of Western child rearing, so we are not “bucking” anything. This is not a “trend” for us that is “symptomatic of anything.” We are simply living. We are simply raising our children the way our mothers raised us, the way children are still being raised in the countries where we are from.” (emphasis mine)

While I don’t agree with everything in the article, it was worth the read. Another good one from that same site: the dangers of over-stylized mommy blogs.

This post on is a few weeks old, but so wonderful. Did you read it? On curing cancer and changing diapers. I am printing this out and keeping it handy.





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  1. That is a great article Carrie! I agree with certain parts of it also. Being an attachment mommy of color, I too have seen people wonder why I do the things I do and some of the choices I have made. However, these were mostly from people that were of color.

    In my own family it was normal, I group up co -sleeping with my mom and grandma, even though I had my own room. I was breast fed, and I although I had a mom that had to work, my grandmother really never had too and was always home with her kids and completely watched after us.

    Yes, many women of color are not the main seen in the magazines when it comes to natural living, however its getting better now.

    Great Article. I might have to expound upon this more.

    Good stuff!

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