Bad Job, Motrin

This video is offensive for several reasons. Bad, bad job Motrin. What’s next, a video selling us on using your product when breastfeeding hurts?

  1. Babywearing done properly doesn’t hurt your back and actually feels better than holding a baby for hours. If you’re having pain because of a baby carrier, get some help with it from other moms or buy a different style.
  2. A happier baby is a happier mom is a happier baby. Babywearing helps.
  3. Moms who choose not to babywear aren’t “official moms“? How offensive!
  4. Moms are crazy and tired? I just watch the video with my ten year old and asked him if I was crazy and tired and he said, “No!” My oldest just happens to be the one who was my high need, fussy baby. The one I used to have to walk the floor with for hours at night to helpĀ  him get to sleep. The one who was on my breast for the first 18 months of his life and hardly came up for air. The one with pain in his tummy that was alleviated only by my body. If I had not had a sling and had not worn him, THAT would have made me crazy and tired.

These guys get a huge thumbs down from me for insulting the very market they are trying to sell to. Bad bad bad. I’ve never bought Motrin but I sure as heck won’t ever buy any now. Katja has put together a video capturing the responses of real moms to the motrin ad here.

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It just happens to be International Babywearing Week. Could their timing have sucked any more?

And the ten year old child I mentioned earlier?

Let’s just say he has remained a babywearing advocate.

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  1. I sent them an email of complaint.

  2. Offensive all around… To babywearers and should be to non wearers because of their remark about it making you look like a real Mom. Shaking my head at Motrin.

  3. Awesome post and that picture is BEAUTIFUL!! BTW – I heard on Twitter that they offered out an apology. The comment “Makes you look like a real mom” was just plain STUPID!!

  4. I’m pretty sure they knew it was “International Babywearing Week” — that was certainly the reason behind the timing of the launch.

    For a big company, they moved pretty quickly to begin their apology tour, but there is a lot left to do.

    What do you think will be their next move?

  5. John I have no clue! As I said in my post I think their words were offensive to both babywearing and non-babywearing moms, so who exactly were they targeting? Not sure what they were thinking.

    Peter Shankman put it well when he said “Don’t piss off the blogging moms!” (paraphrasing)

  6. wow…. I am glad they are getting a lot of feedback.
    what a terrible ad.

    BTW Carrie, I can’t get a lot of the links of your posts to work (the one for the video above and the Indie Biz Chicks link as well)

  7. Looks like they’ve taken the video down and replaced it with an apology on their site. Poor judgement on their part to run it at all, but at least they have apologized. More for the sake of sales than anything else I imagine.

  8. Wow! People just don’t get it! We’re so smart, we’re stupid sometimes.

  9. I love the photo! Yeah- what a great week for babywearing! : )