I’m fairly obsessed with small spaces. Especially tiny dwellings.

I have no problem with being surrounded by people and feel happier when I’m not alone. Maybe why I have several children? I was “mostly” an only child growing up – my sister was married when I was 8 and I have few memories of having a sibling at home. My kids are gone this weekend on an out of state trip, and it already feels lonely here with just me and the baby.

I love eavesdropping into the lives of people who live in tiny spaces. Like the family in this video below.

My favorite part was when the mom said that having 3 bodies in a tiny house has made them kinder and gentler to one another.

They work from home, home school their son and also enjoy having house guests. Togetherness is a way of life. There’s no avoiding one another. Rubbing shoulders means you have to be kind. You have to deal with stuff when it happens because you can’t avoid one another.

Hubby and I have a dream of taking off with the kids in an RV and traveling around the country.

I find that the less stuff I own, the more room I have in my mind and life for what I really want. Living in a tiny abode would feel so freeing to me. Like there would be time, space and money for more life.

Paying only $145 a month for your residence wouldn’t hurt any either.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have only the necessities? What would open up in your life?

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