5 Months

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The other day an online friend emailed to ask when the baby was due.

Baby V turned 5 months old on the 14th.

I did not approve this development. Hmph. Kids these days.

Time truly flies.

She now has 2 teeth, and wasted no time in experimenting with them. I think I jumped a foot off the rocking chair when it happened.

Now I have to be cautious with her because if I try to nurse her when she’s not really in the mood, she’ll take a nip out of boredom. First she gets that little mischievous look in her eye.

Thankfully she responds well when I ask her not to bite in a “no nonsense” tone. I’ve had a couple of persistent biters in my time, and she doesn’t seem to be one of them. For her it seems to be more about just feeling these new weird things in her mouth and seeing what they can do. She often sucks on her teeth like an old person.

Speaking of nursing, just for fun I decided to make a check mark on a piece of paper to see how often she nurses during the day. From around 8 AM to 9:30 PM, I put 17 checks on the paper. That does not include all the time she nurses during the night either!

You know my favorite thing?

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The way her feet curl up on my arm. The toes are the best. So velvety soft and adorable. I will miss that.

Even she can’t resist munching on them!

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  1. Christina says:

    So true!! I love the little hands that pat my arm and chest and whatever they can touch! No teeth yet but I know I’ll miss nursing when it’s gone.

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