17 Weeks

17 weeks, 2 days.

17 weeks

I’m feeling a bit better. Instead of being unrelenting, the nausea is now mostly striking me at specific times of day, usually evenings.

I’ll take it!

My energy level is better too. I’m getting up early in the mornings again, which feels great, and also explains the phenomenon of blog posts recently. Ha. 

Interestingly I find I actually feel much better when I rise early, because I eat right away. If I sleep, I feel sick and hypoglycemic. So, win.

This pregnancy, I’ve been very thankful for my magnesium spray. While it doesn’t eliminate my morning sickness, something I was hoping for, it DOES do wonders for that other nagging problem of pregnancy. It also just makes me feel good in general.

And I have had NO heartburn whatsoever this pregnancy. I have been taking probiotics, drinking kefir and eating plain yogurt, and I’m on a gluten-free diet.  Hubby has been gluten-free for months and it’s done wonders for his reflux and other digestive issues.

I began feeling movement in the last couple of weeks which is fun. This week, baby’s hearing is developing and cartilage is turning to bone.

I have a prenatal on the 26th and I’m so hoping Doc has good news for me, meaning the placenta has moved into a better position and the blood clot has disappeared (likely not, since I continue to have bleeding). It’s a little sad not seeing the midwives this pregnancy, but there’s still time for things to change for the better and hopefully I can have the home birth I’m accustomed to.


  1. Look at your sweet baby belly! Glad your feeling a little better.

  2. Thanks 🙂

  3. Glad you are feeling better! And you get good news with the ultrasound.

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